If It Is Possible

Before we reach adulthood,we are endow with information that tell us that one day we will die.This information is not giving to us so that once we reach a certain age,we go and hide in a corner,but rather continue to live until we die.Jesus is at the point in his life that he knows that it’s time for him to die,Matt.26:36-46.Before Jesus came to this stage,he was living his life carrying on in his earthly minitry.What was giving Jesus so much trouble was not that he didn’t know that he was going to die,but the way he was suppose to die,The hurt,shame,the bitter cup that he had to endure for us before he die.So he prayed,O My Father if it be possible let this cup pass.    



About anthonymanson

I'm a forty eight year old male,who own a not for profit Publication.A christian,love God and like to have clean fun. Studied Psychology/Social Work at Stratford Career Institute.What is posted here is free,it is for the quality of life of the public.
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