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origin_5084216310Todays Daily Prompt:When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

Nope, no goals.  I’ve said before that my blog is my friend.  I’m not all that sociable and people find me to be standoff-ish, snotty, full of myself…etc, which I am not really.   I am quiet, don’t talk much and think a lot, but as I said this is misread.

The wonder of blogging is that we can read the thoughts going on inside other people’s heads, without making judgements as one does before actually getting to know an individual.  In real life we are already making our decisions from what we see rather than what is inside.

I have no actual goals other than having people to interact with; even that does not always work out. 😦  I don’t care for becoming Freshly Pressed, it is…

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About anthonymanson

I'm a forty eight year old male,who own a not for profit Publication.A christian,love God and like to have clean fun. Studied Psychology/Social Work at Stratford Career Institute.What is posted here is free,it is for the quality of life of the public.
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