I don’t aspect all things and people to be wrap all neatly into a box,nor do I think that the world should be like me,and if it’s not it is wrong.But ,we can’t and should not be in denial  about what brought us this far and sustaining us,and is carrying us into the future is the very act and practiced of becoming and being civil.In every group no matter what kind it is,wild or advanced,there is a certain amount of order,someone is in charge and everyone has their place.I said that to say this,that if everyone reacts grossly negative and form an disruptive alliances with people because we don’t like how we feel,or because of jealousy,or because we don’t want to feel a certain emotion, oh how danger and disrupted this world would be.


About anthonymanson

I'm a forty eight year old male,who own a not for profit Publication.A christian,love God and like to have clean fun. Studied Psychology/Social Work at Stratford Career Institute.What is posted here is free,it is for the quality of life of the public.
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