There is a post in Psychology today on a topic about, “Why we(and only we) cry. ” Stop crying! Men not supposed to cry, why are you crying, that’s all you do is cry, cry me a river, stop your wining. These are some statements
you might have heard or may been
said to you. Why do we cry, can it be helped,is there a such of thing to us that we shouldn’t cry? Crying, if we are honest is humanly inherited. In fact it is a trait that everything and everyone who have life flowing through them does. We cry cause things hurts,we want our way, to mourn,to protest,  cause of injustice,and because of many other events and moments that affect us. Many times when we cry tears are not involved. For example,people can laugh,yet are crying,crying in a song, throwing
something  hard down on the ground,turning pages in a book ruffly,dancing,walking hard, abusing drugs and alcohol,wanting to harm themselves and others just to name a few.  Why we(and only we) cry?   -Anthony the priestly artist


About anthonymanson

I'm a forty eight year old male,who own a not for profit Publication.A christian,love God and like to have clean fun. Studied Psychology/Social Work at Stratford Career Institute.What is posted here is free,it is for the quality of life of the public.
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