January 1 2017 will be five year that I Anthony L Manson has been doing business as Free Publication. Over the course of those years I have wrote about many Social issues that affect the human condition, and did special projects and started a couple of campaigns. The purpose of this record, which is a matter of public record, is to establish copyright and ownerships with the businesses and people in whom I Anthony L Manson has wrote about for Charity purposes, and has given owership of 50% of, if other wise stated in this documentation. The owership of these writing that includes 50% of copyrights of what has been written for or about, or to honor the party , it can not be sold. In this document I will detail what is given to each. I start with Project Mission 7. Project Mission 7 is under the umbrella of Free Publication,in which I Anthony L Manson created. I Anthony L Manson has given 50% owership to the leaders of China,which includes 50% of copyright of what I wrote that is published on blogspot only, that appear under Project Mission 7. Next The Teens Alert Campaign,This campaign is gear to help teens and preteens through difficult issues. It is to target the parents and arm them with information and professional resources, as well as to network with other teens networks. To help with this effort I Anthony L Manson,have given half owership to The City Of Orange Public Library, Located in Orange, California,alone with 50% of copyrights of the writings of Run away and Those only. This next charitable writing in which I wrote was and still is a concern to me,it concern me so that I turn it into a campaign to assist the State of California water problem. This Water Campaign was inspired by the Water Commission of the state of California. I Anthony L Manson do give the State of California half ownership of this campaign, and 50% of the copyright of the writing that I wrote about water.The next two writings I Anthony L Manson do give half owership with 50% copyrights to the city of New York , those writing are Manic Depression and Trauma.Trauma was inspired by the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. And, one writing do I Anthony L Manson do give half owership with 50% of the copyright of the writing The Library, to The New York City Public library. And,I Anthony L Manson do give half ownership with 50% of the copyright of the writing of Developmental Disability to YAL National Institute for People with Disabilities, their central office located on 460 west 34th street New York, Ny 10001. This next charitable writing I wrote was a delight to me. It is written to benefit Choc Children’s Hospital, The title of this writing is Pediatric Illness. I Anthony L Manson do get half owernship with 50% of the copyright to Choc Children’s Hospital. The next charitable writing is a topic that I wanted to easy and give welcomed at the dinner table. I team up with The National Alliance To End Homelessness, by going on their website to discover, in their words, some of the big questions on homelessness, who,what,where,and why. I use those questions to paint a picture about homelessness,give insight and rally support for all who work with people who are homeless. I Anthony L Manson do give The National Alliance To End Homelessness half owernship of this writing about people who are homeless,with 50% of the copyright of the writing. This next piece in which I wrote is a disorder that I been suffering with all my life, and wanted to write about it and share the experience in hope it will help someone. This disorder is depression. This is a dark and scary mental ill,and can be even more so to children who is suffering with it. This writing of depression, do I Anthony L Manson do give half ownership with 50% of the copyright to The Child Mind Institute located at 445 Park Avenue New York, NY. They is a nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders, to quote them from their website This next charitable writing is divided among four that each is given 20% ownership with 20% copyright of the writing of Cancer. The American Cancer Society, The Imus Ranch for kids with Cancer, Stand Up To Cancer,and The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. These next Charitable writing I wrote them in a way that I brought the issues that these organizations are help the public with, and honor them for their help and involvement in helping to deal with these issues,The Ronald McDonald House for helping families to be together when one’s child is in the hospital, Wendy’s Wonder Kids for helping with adoption, Pizza Hut for helping with the issues of hunger, The AMC Theather for helping to give comfort to our Veterans with a discount on movie tickets, and Make A Wish Foundation for granting wishes to kids. I Anthony L Manson do give these organizations half ownership of those writings to that writing that I wrote about that organization only,and each do I give 50% of the copyright that the writing adresses. The community love them for that,we honor them, so glad they are in the neighborhood. The next writing in which I wrote is about the donation of blood. To help with this I wrote about blood and the importance of it. I Anthony L Manson do give 25% owernship to the American Red Cross and 25% owernship to the New York City blood bank,with 25% 0f th copyright to The American Red Cross, and 25% copyright to the New York City blood bank. For accuracy sake, I am ending this public record here for now,and will continue at a later date. Each organizations that is mention here will receive a copy of this document, and a copy of the writing in which owernship has given, Anthony L Manson DBA Free Publication,and also known as anthony the priestly artist.

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About anthonymanson

I'm a forty eight year old male,who own a not for profit Publication.A christian,love God and like to have clean fun. Studied Psychology/Social Work at Stratford Career Institute.What is posted here is free,it is for the quality of life of the public.
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